ResCom is a reliable company that I have always been able to depend on. I appreciate all the hard work and effort the ResCom employees devote into making The Grande North a great community.

Lee Crowell, CCAM
General Manager, The Grande North


In my 30+ years of serving on volunteer Homeowner Association  Boards and Committees, I have only recommended two firms, and Rescom is one of them.  They are disciplined, attentive, proud of the service they deliver, which is demonstrated day in and day out by their wonderful and dedicated staff.  ResCom understands the complexities and challenges of high rise engineering management and oversight.  Most importantly, I could always count on Mark Sutton to be by my side, day or night, when major building emergencies arose. It is my sincere pleasure to provide this Statement of Recommendation.

Richard Zizian (Formerly President and Current Building Committee Chairman)
The Grande North at Santa Fe Homeowners Association