I just wanted to take a moment to share some thoughts with you about the services provided. Maria Leon and her staff have been doing an outstanding job at keeping our restaurant beautifully clean. Aside from the daily clean up, her team manages to focus on the details like the A/C vents, lighting and high dusting jobs that seem to be constantly overlooked elsewhere. As a chef/manager my time is precious and when I don’t have to be the one to point out the details that should be obvious I can focus my attention where it belongs, with my guests’. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in restaurants only to notice their dirty vents, dusty tv’s, burned out lights, etc. While one might not notice these things upon a quick glance, when everything is perfect one can’t help but notice how good a place feels when everything is in order. Kudos to ResCom and your team of professionals! I wish more places had the foresight to hire a service as thorough and professional as yours. Please feel free to put me in your rolodex of references as you score high marks with us here at Proper.

All the best,

Sean Erik Magee
Executive Chef, Proper Restaurant

795 J Street
San Diego, California