Hi Steve,

One of our Wateridge homeowners, who is the husband of a former Board member, asked me to pass some positive feedback on to ResCom. Jeff said, “I would just like to let you know and hopefully you can pass this along to ResCom, that not just this effort, but also other jobs they've done around the complex have been great. They really do a nice job in whatever we ask of them. Great company and great staff.”

Also, I was very impressed with Adam (I believe was his name) when he stopped by yesterday to pick up the new doggie bag dispensers and boxes of bags. He was very friendly and mentioned he would fill the new dispensers with bags once installed – a task I hadn’t even thought to include on the work order! It’s little things like that that reflect the character and professionalism of a person.

I echo everything Jeff said, and love to work with everyone at ResCom.  Thank you!    J


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