Hi Mark,

I know we haven't had the opportunity to meet, but I wanted to reach out and thank you.

In the time I have been with Walters Management Jim Hartland has done an outstanding job for Liberty Station 7 Association and Liberty Station Community Association.

I'd like to list just a few of the things Jim does for Walters, the Associations and myself:

  • Works within budget constraints
  • Provides appropriate recommendations
  • Proactively points out items needing attention
  • Provides guidelines and accountability to other subcontracts and for RFP's
  • Holds his team and onsite staff accountable and is available to train & coach
  • He is direct and to the point; making sure I know options and consequences
  • Jim is working with me to create long term Preventative Maintenance Schedules for each Association
  • Jim takes responsibility for the quality of work completed and accuracy of bids provided (not always easy); this has created more and more opportunities for additional bid work outside of contract
  • Jim is up front and has built a relationship of trust based on solid recommendations and follow through; creating an opportunity to triple the onsite contract

This list is not exhaustive, as there are many other things Jim does to ensure the quality of service provided is what it should be.  It is a pleasure to work with a vendor I can rely on to get the job done properly, within budget and on time.  If all my vendors had the same attention to detail and work ethic Liberty Station would be a 4 star property.



Tara Graviss, CMCA, AMS, CCAM | Community Association Manager
Liberty Station Community Association | 2701 Lytton St., Bldg. 21, San Diego, CA 92106