It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday in our management office.  It makes me happy to know that you care about your employees.  I've lived in the Villa Riviera for almost four years, and was elected to our Board of Directors 2 1/2 years ago for the first time.  I'm retired, so I'm around here a lot looking after our staff, building, grounds, and residents.  I am particularly dedicated to protecting our staff, and have been since I moved here.  I can honestly say that residents have continued to tell me that they're very happy with the way that our building is managed and operated.  Larry is an exceptional engineer, and leads by example.  He and his staff are kind, courteous, and knowledgable, and they all do a great job caring for us.  They're also lots of fun, and I consider them all friends. I have never doubted any one of them or their ability to do their jobs.

Please feel free to visit any time.  Employees need to know that they're appreciated.  

Helene ("Deannie") O'Cain
Treasurer, Villa Riviera HOA Board of Directors