Free Summer Inspection of Pool/Spa Areas

Summer is here and the recreation areas of your community usage will be in high gear. Now is the time to perform some simple maintenance items that will help the summer season go smoother. Have your pool contractor (D-35), check out the following and perform maintenance as needed:

  • Break down the heater, clean the burner trays and ignition area as recommended annually by most manufacturers.
  • Clean out the pool equipment room and remove any unnecessary items stored there to insure good air circulation. This will keep the room cool and prolong the life of the equipment. Additionally, it will help prevent any accidents or fire hazards.
  • Have your pool contractor check the "Total Dissolved Solids" in the water of the pool and spa. High levels (above 2000 ppm) will promote more algae growth and higher chlorine usage. The Health Department is now checking this "TDS" level and will close the pool if too high. The best practice is to drain and fill pool at the start of the season. Partial draining can be also a method of reducing the "TDS" level, but only if the levels are not too high.
  • Clean filters (sand or DE) if necessary. Your pool contractor should be able to report to you if this is required by reading the pressure on the filter.
  • Check all gauges in the pool equipment room are in working order including filter pressure, line pressure, and flow meters.
  • Have the chlorination system checked and insure is in good working order.
  • Maintain barbecues by breaking them down and clean burners to insure igniters are working properly.
  • Check all pool recreational equipment, such as chairs, loungers, and umbrellas for operation and cleanliness. Some communities store extra equipment. If so, insure they are in good shape and clean before having them placed in common areas.
  • Check all gate closures and locks for proper operation.
  • Insure all safety equipment and signage required by State Health is in place, as department around pool area. This includes pole and safety hook, and safety ring with rope.

For the month of July 2012, we offer a free inspection and report of your pool/spa equipment rooms and areas. Call us for an appointment.

ResCom Services Inc. is a D-35 pool contractor as part of our portfolio of licenses for many years. Don't hesitate to call or email any of our staff if you have any questions or concerns about your water features or common areas. All our contact information is on our web site at