Your Existing Pool Lights Use a Lot of Power

Many properties have converted their exterior lighting to more energy efficient bulbs, but may have overlooked the water features. Most Spas use a 300 watt bulb and pools 500 watt bulbs, which are big consumers of power. Most pools have several of these power-thirsty light sources. Burning for at least 8 hrs per day and sometimes up to 10 hours per day, it doesn't take long for the electricity bills to start mounting up.

Save Up to 90% of Energy Costs

At last, there is an option to exchange your existing incandescent light with LED high energy saving pool lights. These bulbs fit into the same housing that your pools already have installed and will save up to an incredible 90% in energy costs! This can mean hundreds of dollars in annual savings for most Associations. Additionally, the bulbs last 20 times longer than your normal incandescent bulb. This translates into lower maintenance costs.

New on the market and available through your pool contractor are the entire housing and cord that can be installed to replace your existing. The advantages to this is that you no longer must change out the entire housing and cord each time there is a problem with one. There is a quick disconnect feature that allows you to plug in a new housing or replace only the cord. Additionally, the normal white light LED enhances the pool water appearance and will look clearer and cleaner.

Summary of Benefits


  • 90% savings in energy costs
  • Lasts up to 50,000 hours or 20x longer than normal bulbs
  • Reduces maintenance costs "replacement of bulbs"
  • Enhances pool water appearance-water appears clearer and cleaner
  • Smaller lights available for fountains with several color choices


Licensed To Help

ResCom Services Inc. is licensed B contractor and a Pool Service D-35 contractor that can help supply you with new LED lights for your water features or answer any questions you may have. This month only, we are offering our customers a 50% reduction in the labor costs of installing LED pool lighting. Please visit our web site at for more information and contacts.

Mark Sutton, President ResCom Services Inc.