Specializing in commercial properties of all sizes, ResCom Commercial Services Division provides a complete and integrated range of property services for office towers, business parks, malls, and factories. We use teams of uniformed staff based on-site, each dedicated to providing a high level of service to our customers. We maintain all types of commercial property including banks, offices, retail stores, and restaurants.

Our trained and qualified building engineers are on hand for all your scheduled maintenance tasks and emergencies. Sprinkler systems, air conditioning, drainage, power, plumbing, waste systems - whatever the need we are here to help. Our  plumbers, electricians, painters, and even welding technicians can assist whenever you need extra help.

Regular carpet cleaning will keep your carpets in top quality condition and protect your investment in them. We use industrial grade low-water carpet cleaning equipment that gives the best quality results with no disruption to use of offices and public areas.

General contracting

As qualified and licensed contractors, we employ a full range of skilled trades people to undertake all your construction projects, large or small. With ResCom as your partner, repair and renovation of your property is just one call away.

We utilize specialized equipment, nozzles, and cleaning solutions that are best suited for each surface type. Some of the surfaces we wash include sidewalks, driveways, walls, cooling towers, and parking lots.

JanitorialWe use modern industrial grade equipment, matched with meticulous hand finishing and attention to detail, to ensure that your building is cleaned to the highest standard. We will work with you to develop a cleaning schedule that matches your budget and can advise on the type and frequency of cleaning needed for high-use and lower-use public areas.

ResCom can maintain all your water features from the smallest ornamental fountain to the largest Olympic pool.

ResCom is a licensed and bonded landscape contractor. We can maintain the common areas of your commercial property by providing grass cutting, leaf removal, tree trimming, replanting services etc.

As licensed contractors, our teams of dry-wall installers, flooring installers, partitioning experts, lighting technicians, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and painters, can renew the appearance of your commercial property or complete any tenant improvements in only a short time period.

LightingResCom provides a complete lighting maintenance services for hallway, lobby, signage, offices, conference rooms, parking lots, security lights and all your building public areas, whether internal or external to the property. With our high tech lift trucks and single person lifts we can access even the most challenging of lights on your property.

We can refresh the appearance of your commercial property, making it ready to receive the next tenant in the minimum of time!